How can I create an account?
You can open an account from the nearest Branches, Agencies and Contact Offices. It’s also possible to open an account by filling out the online request form and your account sets will be delivered to your address.
What are the required documents to open an account?
• Photocopy of Identification
• A confirmed address document registered to your name that has been arranged in the last three months (document that states residency, such as electricity, water, heat, phone bill- a service that requires a subscription, must be issued in the previous three months before the transaction.)
• Declaration of signature approved by the notary public for investors in areas where our branch, agency and liaison offices are not available.
What should I pay attention to when signing the contracts?
• You must sign the bottom of each page of the contract.
•According to the communiqué of Capital Markets Board of Turkey dated 07/09/2000 no. 46, the “Customer Identification Form” that is attached to the contract must be filled and signed for new accounts. It’s not possible to open an account without this form filled and signed.
•The “Account Opening Carton” that is in the main page of the contract must be filled out.
Which transactions can I make from the internet branch?
You can do all transactions you normally can do with an investment specialist online at our Turkish Investment Securities Internet Branch. Please click here for the internet branch instruction manual (user guide).
What is the transaction hours and fees for EFT transactions online at the internet branch?
You can perform your EFT transactions online from our internet branch on weekdays until 04:00 p.m. (16:00) for free. Your daily EFT upper limit is TL 20,000.
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